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Drop the Lil Shredders off with our primary instructors and join us for a morning Stretch and Wellness session to get the day started or wind up the week.

Try Ride n’ Shine n’ Unwind for only $20 or join us just for the Unwind for only $20  9:30am to 10:30am Mondays

Regular pricing begins for your subsequent visits.  Ride n' Shine n' Unwind is only $50 per session while joining us for only the unwind portion is only $30 per session.

You will be reimbursed for your first visit upon arrival.

An instructor reads to children at North Shore Bike Park, creating a fun and educational environment for young rid
Guests engage in a wellness session at North Shore Bike Park, combining fitness and relaxation in a unique indoor space.
An instructor guides a young child on a bike at North Shore Bike Park, enhancing skills in a safe indoor environment.

Take a morning break and let our very own Tammy Stothers lead your toddler through fun and engaging cycling activities while you join our wellness instructor for an hour of relaxing and relieving stretching.  Information about the Ride n’ Shine program is found by clicking here.

Ride n’ Shine n’ Unwind is the only program anywhere combining a toddler cycling activity with a relaxing and healthy stretching session lead by a qualified instructor just for mom or dad or any caregiver.

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Practicing an advanced pose, a woman in white athletic wear stretches gracefully, showcasing flexibility and strength.
During the promotional program we’re also providing a free ALL DAY PASS for both the child and guardian.  That’s a $45 value in itself!  Book 4 classes at once and save even more! Feel free to stay and join Lil Shredders or return later on in the day!
Tammy Stothers


Tammy Stothers is a Ride n Shine Mornings instructor at North Shore Bike Park but is also the owner of Escape Adventures, a local mountain biking instruction and camp company.

Her background has always been teaching, initially as a Genetic Counsellor, where she helped people understand their genetic family history, and with a few steps in between, this evolved into teaching mountain bike skills for the past 8 years.

Things to know...

Lil Shredders must be toilet trained, and 7 years of age or younger.  Ask about exceptions.

Note that at any time your stretching may be interrupted should the staff need your attention for the support of your child

There are a few mats available to borrow but quantities are very limited.

We have 5 change rooms in case you need to change in and out of street clothes

Rental bikes for Ride n Shine are $10.


  1. In the Calendar below start by selecting from the left side options; Ride n' Shine n' Unwind or Simply Unwind if you're not bringing a little one with you.

  2. Next, select your date, or start date, (dates are indicated in yellow or green).

  3. Add the number of participants (1). PLEASE NOTE that the Toddler component is limited to 6 riders.

  4. Then below the calendar review the block of times and press Select.

  5. You’ll then be asked for the participant’s information, and payment details.

  6. NOTE: Your discounted first visit will be reimbursed to you at reception on your arrival. Please remind the front desk that it is your first visit.

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