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We love talking about North Shore Bike Park. If you have any questions, reach out as we’d love to help.

Hours of Operation


Riders 7 and under only on the Pump Track and Street Zone:  9am to 11am weekdays
All Ages: 11am to 8pm weekdays


All Ages: 9am to 8pm Monday through Sunday

Be sure to check the calendar where early closings and other changes to the regular hours will be indicated.

North Shore Bike Park is located inside Capilano Mall in North Vancouver, located at 943 Marine Drive.

Our free underground parking has a 2 metre (6’8”) height limit.

You can access the P1 underground parking off Hanes Avenue on the East side of Capilano Mall, immediately after turning south from Marine Drive. The underground Park entrance is marked with North Shore Bike Park signage.

9AM to 6PM: You may park above ground level as well and enter the park through any entrance to the mall.  


PLEASE WALK YOUR BIKES through the mall.  The park’s main entrance is next to Dollar Tree, and Fit 4 Less. We can not allow bikes through the South exit of the park.


Map to North Shore Bike Park
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Busses and EVO
EVO Carshare Car

Bus Stop ID: 54407 - EB Marine Dr @ Hamilton Ave

Evo: Yes we’re in the Home Zone!


Note that Evos cannot be parked in the underground parking. They can be parked along MacKay Rd or 3rd Street, outside of the mall parking lots.

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